Future-oriented pipeline construction

with plastic piping systems from STAR
Sustainability and environmental friendliness is an omnipresent topic – also in the area of infrastructure. Sustainable pipeline construction includes the security that high-quality, long-lasting products are used that are also neutral to the environment and with which reliable pipeline systems can be implemented.  
More than half of our products are used to transport drinking water, nature’s most precious resource.
Because we at STAR are aware of this at all times, our products meet the highest quality standards for safe, hygienic drinking water transport.
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Safe pipe connections

With us you get high quality products for safe pipeline construction.

Thanks to diverse and reliable connection options, such as socket, butt and electrofusion welding, fully welded pipeline systems can be created.

So that our drinking water can safely find its way from the source to every household.

Because what matters is ensuring that it gets there.
That’s exactly what we take care of for you.