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Implement challenging pipelines in a particularly space-saving manner.

We often talk about the advantages of E-fittings. These promise not only a significant reduction in the time and effort required for installation (less peeling and welding), but also a reduction in the number of components to be processed and a much more compact design and part size.

The great strength of the special and standard E-fittings is shown in the following example.

Practical example: E-fittings for use in compact shaft structures

Fittings in shafts are daily business. Often the installation situation is a special challenge, due to existing dimensions of the pipes and the space conditions for the shaft structure, for example. A possible solution here can be a special E fitting, which offers a space-saving solution for the customer with compact armatures.

Here were installed:
STAR E-T-fitting with branch

with d 400 mm, SDR11, as well as two T-outlets 90° with d 110 mm, SDR11 and branch 45° with d 250 mm, SDR11
Part length incl. welding zones L=744 mm
All outlets provided with special flanges

Vent & Vacuum Valve
Butterfly valve centric, flange, PN 10
Shaft DN 1200

Shaft shell made of PE pipe, welded double bottom made of PEHD plate material, intermediate space (150 mm) prepared with 2 pcs. concrete filling spigots for concrete filling on site, pump sump DN 300 tightly welded in double bottom

Your advantages:

+ Compact design: Similar components would be a special tee fitting with a component length of L=1,205mm plus the component length of the electric socket d400, L=295mm so the component would be 1,500mm in total.

+ Simple assembly with significantly reduced effort

+ Customized production

+ Benefits while using valve flanges (read more)