Electrofusion fittings made of polyethylene (PE)

The compact build of short spigot fittings paired with the simple and safe joining technique of electrofusion couplers makes electrofusion fittings so unique. They were developped especially for pressure class conform applications and grant a highly flexible and quick installation on account of the compact design. As a result of that and the reduced number of welds a major time saving can be gained.
Produced in accordance with the standards EN 12201-3 and DIN EN 1555-3, STAR electrofusion fittings comply with the most demanding quality standards. Thus quality and reliability are ensured to the highest degree.

Your advantages

These are your advantages:


The number of welds can be reduced by up to 50%.


Space-saving installation due to compact design. Special sizes are available upon request.


As only one component is used, handling becomes significantly simpler.


Due to the cut down on the number of welds, the installation time is reduced by up to 50%.


The number of required components and welds is reduced.


Less material is needed compared to conventional joining techniques.