Blind flange

  • Material: PP glass fiber reinforced with steel inlay
  • drilled according to DIN EN 1092-1
  • Other materials, dimensions and pressure classes on request
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Art. No. DN d1 SDR Bohrbild
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1310601115 20 PN 10
1310602120 25 PN 10
1310603125 32 PN 10
1310604132 40 PN 10
1310605140 50 PN 10
1310606150 63 PN 10

Additional Information:

General delivery program of our flange connections:

• Stub end short spigot or long spigot
Outlet flange adaptor
• Rubber steel gasket NBR-DUO or EPDM
• Various loose flanges: PP steel / plastic coated / steel hot-dip galvanized / GGG epoxid coated / for outlet flange adaptor / ANSI 150
• Blind flange
Blanking flange set
• Special flange short spigot or long spigot
• KS-flange short spigot or long spigot

Other dimensions and custom prefabricated parts are available on request.
Do not hesitate to contact us – We will be glad to advise further benefits and support you with your project!