STAR Special flanges (valve flanges)

With the for valves specifically aligned dimensions the STAR special flanges (valve flanges) are offering the perfect connection from PE to steel and cast iron.

Conventional PE dimensions do not match the standard dimensions of steel and cast iron pipes. In contrast, the STAR special flange is precisely matched in its dimensions for such connections. This makes it possible to produce a connection of PE on steel or cast iron, which merges into one another without offset.

Advantages of special flanges (valve flanges) compared to a connection with stub end and loose flange:

Stub end + Loose flange
Special flange (valve flange)

– Narrow bearing surface (1)

– low power transmission

– Offset at valve connection(2)

– Tipping effect (3)

– Leakage at high pressures

+ Force-fit connection(1)
PE-fixed flange and backing ring are flushed with each other, whereby the forces are evenly distributed.

+ Connection without changing the nominal diameter (2)
i.e. on grade transition of plastic piping systems to steel and cast iron valves and fittings. The result is an ideal flowability and reduced dead space.This means:
+ Reduced dead space
+ Ideal flow characteristics

+ Integrated o-ring-gasket
Provides by its optimal positioning maximum safety.

Example of connection to a valve PN 10, DN 350:

Special flange (valve flange), KS-flange and stub end with loose flange in comparison
STAR special flange (valve flange) allows you to connect to valves without changing the nominal diameter.

Simultaneously you achieve price advantages as the required valve can be chosen one dimension smaller.
Special flange (valve flange)

d 400 / DN 350 mm, SDR 17


d 355 / DN 350 mm, SDR 17

Stub end + loose flange

d 355 / DN 350 mm, SDR 17

Overview of connection dimensions: