Трубы для водоотведения - Опора 6 м, Coex со светлой внутренней поверхностью

  • Материал: ПЭ 100
  • Форма поставки: Опора 6 м
  • Многослойные трубы Coex со светлой внутренней поверхностью
  • Нормы и стандарты: DIN 8074 | DIN 8075 | DIN EN 12666
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Spigot Fittings for sewer pipes

In addition to monochrome black fittings, we also offer welded fittings with a bright inner surface to match the gravity pipe with a light inner surface. The bright inner surface is useful for camera inspection, which allows a long-term condition assessment of the pipeline.

Among other fittings, you will receive:
  • Seamless bend from 11° up to 90°
  • Segment welded bend from 11° up to 90°
  • Tee
  • Branch
  • Shaft Lining
  • transition socket PE/stoneware
  • Electrofusion fitings
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