*For 15 years already our plastic fittings for pipeline systems have been produced using green electricity. *

Every year on the 5th of June the International Environment Day reminds us that it is most of all humankind itself, that is threatening environmental diversity and stability.

At STAR, we always make sure that we make our own contribution to environmental protection when manufacturing our products. That is why we use environmentally friendly solar energy for the production of our products, which is produced by our photovoltaic system.

At our previous location we could cover half of our electricity demand with our photovoltaic system, the largest in the city of Wesel, installed on our roof.
At our new location on Schornacker, the roof of our production space containing the the areas for extrusion, machining, welding and the manufacturing of electrofusionfittings as well as seamlessbends will be fit with a new photovoltaic system, too.

A big part of our current electricity needs will be covered by our new photovoltaic system with an output of around 750 kWp. By feeding the electricity produced into the grid, there are days on which our production can be supplied almost entirely with green electricity.

With this environmentally friendly production method, we contribute to the long-term reduction of climate-damaging emissions.

We use the waste heat from our extrusion lines to heat our office buildings so that the concept of pollutant avoidance and resource conservation is also used here.

The aim of these measures is to continuously reduce our company’s emissions and thus guarantee you a high quality and environmentally friendly manufacture of our products.