Pipe systems

STAR pipes are made of PE 100 and PE 100 RC and are used in industry, supply and disposal.

What is the difference between single and multi-layer pipes?

What are single-layer pipes?

Single-layer pipes are solid wall pipes whose wall consists of only one material and color. Optionally these tubes are available with blue, red, orange or brown stripes.

What are multi-layer pipes?

By using the co-extrusion process, the outer and/or inner layer are usually given a coloring, while maintaining the standard dimension. The outer diameter as well as the wall thickness of the pipe remain unchanged.

Example of our pipe marking

Machine number eg. 391
Manufacturer‘s mark eg. STAR
Date of Manufacture eg. 201806
External diameter and wall thickness eg. 160 × 14,6
Material designation z.B. PE 100 RC
MFI Group eg. 003
standard DIN EN 12201 (for drinking water pipe) / DIN EN 1555 (for gas pipe)
Tolerance eg. Grad B
Application TW G
DVGW cert. no. eg. DVGW AS2230
Diameter-Wall thickness ratio eg. SDR 11
Shift eg. F

Ratings for pressure pipe PE 100 & PE 100 RC

SDR S PN Wasser PN Gas
Diameter- wall thickness ratio Pipe series Water (max. operating pressure in bar [C = 1,25] ) Gas (max. operating pressure in bar [C = 2] )
41 20 4
33 16 5
26 12,5 6
21 10 8
17 8 10 5*
13,6 6,3 12,5
11 5 16 10
9 4 20 12,5**
7,4 3,2 25

The indicated operating pressures apply for an operating temperature of 20°C.

*Operating pressure according to DVGW: 4 bar
**Only valid for the Russian market