Are you looking for products for the connection of pressureless PEHD sewage pipes to pre-fabricated chambers made of concrete?

STAR EF concrete shaft adapters
offer a simple and secure solution for permanently leakproof shaft connections!

And the best:

You only need one component!

For permanently leakproof shaft connections

As a result of their special component geometry, STAR EF concrete shaft adapters comply with the required angular deflection of ±3° and consequently withstand the varying subsidence behaviors between shaft and pipe without any problem.

A fully welded coupling is established thanks to the design including electro fusion heating coils. Apart from the backed off anchoring bars for a firm fit, the additionally mounted EPDM collar seal produces an excellent impermeability.

Connections to concrete shafts acc. to DIN 4034-1

The EF concrete shaft adapter is usually firmly cast into the shaft by the concrete poured into it. On the installation site the pipeline can be slid directly in into the EF concrete shaft adapter and be firmly welded without the need of any further component.

Barcode for fully automated welding

The welding can be done comfortably with any universal electro fusion welding machine thanks to the integrated heating coils. The necessary welding parameters can be input by digital reading of the barcode on the fitting.

Product range:

Material PE100-RC
Dimensions d 110 – 1000 mm
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Overall length L = 135 mm
L = 250 mm
bespoke lengths are possible

Products without angular compensation and/or pipe stop are available upon request.


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Electrofusion concrete shaft adapter
for permanently leakproof shaft connections
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